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FreeGetcoin is a faucet website where we offer you the possibility to earn cryptocurrencies without investing anything and spending little time and effort on it. Our commitment is to offer you the best payments on all the cryptocurrencies we have without disturbing you with intrusive advertising. Our main objectives are:

  • We offer high and instant payments.
  • Great comfort in using our website.
  • And a variety of cryptocurrencies at your disposal.

At FreeGetCoin we are very proud to be part of the world of cryptocurrencies by giving people the opportunity to earn multiple cryptocurrencies every day quickly and easily.

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Top Features

No need to register on our website.

Just by having an account in ExpressCrypto or FaucetPay you can start earning cryptocurrencies and receive your payments directly to your wallet.

  • Earn cryptocurrencies quickly.
  • Easy to use.
  • Without wasting time on registers.

Direct payments to your trusted wallet.

ExpressCrypto and FaucetPay are the wallets preferred by people to receive payments from facuets, PTC sites, networks etc. There is no better way for you to withdraw your payments quickly.

  • Direct payments.
  • No commissions.
  • No minimum withdrawal.

We pay the best cryptocurrencies.

We always strive to provide you with the best and most widely used cryptocurrencies. We are constantly updating the variety of cryptocurrencies that we pay on our website so that you have a wide range of options to choose from.

We currently support 4 cryptocurrencies which are:


Less advertising, more comfort!

At FreeGetCoin we always think of our users, that is why we are committed to providing good service to those who use our website. Generally, faucet sites fill all their websites with ads because it is the only way to generate income and keep your website online, instead we try to keep the least amount of advertising so as not to disturb the comfort of our users.


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